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We had a bit of excitement on a beach near us. The photos above show some sort of loading rig that was being towed to Malaga shipping port. It broke away during bad weather and washed up on a beach in my town of Benalmadena Costa. It has been towed away again ,but made quite a tourist attraction for a while. 

In other news , my darling son bought me a newer laptop for my birthday. Oh the joys of living in a foreign country. 
I am used to using Windows 7 in English but with a Spanish keyboard. Now if you think " there can´t be too much difference" WRONG. On the Spanish one we have an extra letter (ñ) this is special and can make a major difference in what you are saying. eg, año means year. ano means anus. So for a happy New year it´s got to be Felice año , not the other one. l.o.l.  
We also have ¿ as well as the ? they get put at the front of a question to warn you it´s a question before you get to the end.
My new laptop looks like it has an English keyboard but hiding underneath are the controls of a Spanish one. If I hadn´t been so used to using the Spanish I would  have been completely lost. 


Oh Wow ! I had a scare today. My laptop died on me. There is a fault in one of the USB sockets. As soon as it was fixed I Backed up my " Calibre" files to Dropbox. I do not want to lose them. I have over a thousand books in it. Most that I will not get again.  


Hi again everyone. A lovely little photo of the four new cygnets on our park lake. I will be keeping my eye on them as usual. Sometimes they disappear . I´m not sure if the local council take them as they can, to ring and maybe sell to other parks or if there is a predator. I have never seen one here grow to change it´s feathers. There are ducklings around as well but they are camera shy. 

I took these photos only seconds apart today. When we see over the lake towards the sea we get a lovely blue sky. Turn 180degrees and look towards the mountains and the sky is black. Normally when the sky over the mountains looks like that we locals run for cover, because it´s going to pour. This time it never came. 


Hi Everyone.  I have been do busy reading the great ARCs I have been given lately.
This week I have plucked up the courage to make an appointment to get my hair cut.  I have never had my hair shorter than my shoulders,  but as I'm getting older and don't want to look like a grey haired witch I'm getting it cut.  I looked through Pinterest for ideas.  The best thing with hair is if you don't like it, it will grow again.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a good result.


For those of you suffering with freezing cold weather , I will share some sunshine from the Costa Del Sol here in Spain.  This is our local beach at the best time of year. Very few tourists, so it´s nice and peaceful.
We had a quiet Christmas because my grown up son who usually comes to stay went to  England to spend it with his fianceé´s family. We got left with his two naughty kittens to look after. They kept us amused.
I hope you all had great holidays and will have a happy and healthy new year.

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  1. Hi Petula! I'm Michael Helms, and write the Mac McClellan Mystery series. You've reviewed one or two before. Deadly Spirits is due out January 15. If interested in reading/reviewing it, I'll be happy to send you a Kindle copy upon your request. This time, Mac delves into some paranormal happenings to uncover a couple of murders, plus a murder that occurred decades before. Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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